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Our family began St Pete Naturals because of a recent injury sustained to Derek Sr while exercising. Mary, a certified PTA, recommended trying CBD rather than using ibuprofen because of the toll ibuprofen can have on your body if taken for extended periods. We began a search for a CBD product that was the "real deal." We wanted one that worked and also was manufactured with organic and sustainable practices. 

Our long search of trying many brands, we found a manufacturer that met our requirements and also included kosher certification. This means that there are no insects or insect larvae in the product as well. We then chose to build the St Pete Naturals brand to share our experience with others. Owning the brand is the best way for us to get our product into the hands of the community who needs it the most. Derek Junior has the digital marketing experience to connect our company to the communities.

St Pete Naturals is a family-owned seller of CBD & Hemp products. Our calming place is located in St Pete Beach, FL and where our company name originates. Our mission is to offer quality products that bring peace, calming, and healing of the beach to our customers while caring about the earth. We are confident you will love our products and offer 14 day risk free trial. 

Thank you for your consideration of St Pete Naturals

Derek Sr


Derek Jr

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