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5 Things to Look for When Shopping For CBD

It is no secret that the benefits of CBD are outstanding and are highly sought out by millions across the nation. When it comes to this product, you have probably heard tons of success stories and have spoken to countless advocates. From its physical and mental health-enhancing properties, people all across the globe are purchasing CBD products and balms to experience what this powerful natural element has to offer. However, though buying CBD sounds pretty straightforward on the surface, there are some vital things to look out for before purchasing to ensure you are getting the best on the market.

1. THC Content

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has a natural ingredient and an active involvement within cannabis plants, so its traces in CBD products are inevitable. In some cases, the amount may not matter to some people. But if it does (such as those who must comply with career drug testing), then you much make sure that what you are buying is well within the legal limit. For example, St Pete Naturals 500MG CBD Oil contains .3%, which is under the legal limit and the ballpark you would want to stay in if THC content is a concern.

2. Check the Hemp Growing Standards

Really digging deep into the hemp growing standards is a must before any CBD purchase. This is one of the key elements to understanding if the company you are buying from is utilizing best practices and promoting top-quality CBD products. There are several different things you want to keep in the forefront of your mindfulness when researching. For some helpful insight, the primary things you will want to look out for include:

· Any pesticides used

· Toxic chemicals listed

· Greenhouse growing

· GMO adders

· If it is organic or not

· Any insects or insect larvae present

· Kosher certified or not

· If it was CO2 extracted (better for the environment and preserving)

If the CBD you are looking into “tests positive” for any of the above features, you may want to seek products elsewhere. Always go with the cleanest and purest natural product to obtain the healthiest and best quality results.

3. CBD Oil Concentration

Knowing the concentration of the CBD in a product is another essential thing to take a look at. Most products should/will state how much CBD is in the entire container, as well as how much is in each dose. Knowing this information will allow you to fully understand how much you are ingesting and can gauge the benefits based on your personal condition and lifestyle. If you are shopping and do not see products without apparent CBD concentration on the labels, you should be skeptical about proceeding for not only your health but for company validity reasons.

4. Check Where It Is Sourced From

The country that your product is coming from can strongly dictate the quality that you will receive. Since the legalization, the United States has onerous regulations when it comes to the distribution of CBD products. This is an excellent thing for consumers because it gives them the peace of mind knowing that the hemp is adequately monitored and up to adequate standards. This is why when buying CBD, check to see where the product is coming from. If in the United States, you are much more likely to receive a higher quality product than if it were international where regulations are not at tight.

5. Does the Company Stand Behind Their Products?

This last one is highly important because you should only buy from companies that are their own product advocates. Most who are confident that their product works and is the best have no problem with offering money-back satisfaction policies and are always transparent about what they offer. If you see a company that does not show these side features or seems to be “hiding” key data points from their customers, look elsewhere for more reliable and trustworthy places.


Before putting anything in or on your body, always check into it first. No matter what you are using your CBD for, such as anxiety relief, joint pains, or even perhaps helping your pup out with specific challenges, checking its legitimacy and quality are critical. So, if you are buying CBD for the first time or are looking into a new brand, go in it with an analytical mindset and use the above fundamental key points to solidify your confidence that what you are getting is precisely what you want and deserve.

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