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CBD at the Point of Pain

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

By Derek Cook October 10, 2020

Sometimes we get a pain where we cannot directly apply a topical application such as St Pete Naturals 500 mg or 2000 mg balm. It may also seem that using a tincture or oil orally does not reach the point of pain effectively or fast enough. Sciatica, menstrual cramps, hemorrhoids or other lower body pains are often managed by taking

medication orally. One of the most recommended methods of achieving application at the closest point of pain is also one most people avoid, suppositories. Suppositories are a quick method for CBD to start having an effect on our bodies as it bypasses our stomach and liver.

Orally administered CBD starts to be absorbed under your tongue. Once swallowed CBD is slowly absorbed through your stomach and into your small intestines. Suppository absorption begins immediately once placed inside the rectum. The effects of CBD have a better chance of sustaining longer if taken as a suppository rather than any other method.

Where do I find CBD Suppositories?

Most CBD retail stores do not have CBD suppositories for sale. The best way to get CBD suppositories is to purchase CBD oil from St Pete Naturals and make them yourselves. Some sources have recommended purchasing the oil with the amount of CBD you want in each suppository. If you use St Pete Naturals 2000 mg oil, you will receive 33.3 mg of CBD in each dose. St Pete Naturals 500 mg oil has 8.5 mg of CBD in each dose. This makes for a simple method of adding CBD to the recipe. It is recommended to start with a lower dosage than if taken orally and make necessary adjustments as the suppositories are used and the effectiveness of the dosage us known.

How do I make CBD suppositories?

Ingredients: One package of Cacao Butter and one bottle of St Pete Naturals CBD Oil

What else do I need: two saucepans of different size so you can put a pan in a pan, a form for your suppositories, a dropper for your mixture, a third container for the mixture

1. Add water to the larger pan and place on the burner

2. Add the smaller pan to the larger pan of water

3. Layout the forms for the number of suppositories you want to make

4. Add enough cacao butter to the smaller pan until it melts. Be careful of this as it can be hot

5. Use the dropper to draw out the melted cacao butter. If using the dropper that typically comes with the forms, one dropper should be very close to the amount to fill one form minus the CBD oil

6. Squeeze the cacao butter into the third container; one dropper for each dose

7. Add the CBD to the third container and mix well with the cacao butter

8. Draw out the mixture and squeeze into the suppository forms

9. Once the forms have been filled, move them to the freezer until ready for use.

This may not be a topic for mainstream conversation for most people. You can do this in the quiet of your home. Once you see how well this works, you may want to share this blog with other people.

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