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No Credit, No Problem, Buy Now, Pay Later

We understand that people often have to choose between their health and other necessary financial obligations. St Pete Naturals does not want you to have to make that choice. We already offer a 30% off discount that we applied for the Covid-19 pandemic to make that choice less "painful." We hope you enjoy this new addition to our value-added offerings.

St Pete Naturals is now trying to ease your pain a little more by offering a "Buy Now, Pay Later" option. By using our third-party merchant Sezzle, you have the option to use your credit card or connect your bank account. The second part of this allows for "delayed" payments. You will pay 1/4 of your purchase price when checking out. You will be directed to a setup page to connect your credit card or bank account. The program will show your payment schedule. You will click "complete your order" to finish.

To set this up, you will need either your credit card info or access to your online banking. The following screens will show once you choose the "Sezzle" option for payment.

Set-Up Instructions

  1. When checking out, choose Sezzle as your payment option and click "Continue"

2. You will be directed to the page below. Choose "Sign Up"

3. Add the required information, click the box to accept the agreement and Submit

4. Next, you will need to add the mobile verification number

5. Add your credit card info OR click "connect your bank account"

6. Select your bank and use your online banking login

7. Once you confirmed your bank account and verified your number, click "confirm" or "no thanks"

8. You will now be presented with your payment schedule. Click "complete order"

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